What is TraceLoad?

TraceLoad is a web-service for tracking loads on a map in real-time mode without usage of special GPS-equipment
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Who will the web-service be helpful to?

Logistics companies

Logistics companies that have their own or rented transport can provide access to trace and tracking transport movement to the load owners.

Delivery services

Delivery services that carry loads for individuals and companies.


Does your internet-shop have delivery men in staff? We are sure your customers will be excited about the opportunity to watch their purchases being delivered.

What can the web-service do?

TraceLoad can track and trace fleet movement in real-time mode without usage of expensive and complicated GPS-equipment. It’s enough for a driver to have an Android -based mobile connected to the Internet.
TraceLoad can save the history of fleet movement. In the history you can trace the route of a car, average speed, places of stops and unloading, total mileage for the date of tracking.
TraceLoad can trace the route off-line. Even if the Internet is off for some reason later you can see all the data of the car movement in the history all the same.

What is the difference between TraceLoad and other similar services?

  • Client access to tracking a certain load without access to corporate account
  • No need to buy special GPS-devices
  • Free of charge on-line chat for a driver and traffic superintendent
  • Simplicity in usage
  • Mobility
  • Cloud web-service without software installation on corporate computers
  • Testing period of 6 months for free!
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How does it work?

The driver activates the fleet tracking application and a special code is sent to the logistician or transportation manager
The transportation manager gives the code to the load owner
The load owner enters the code into a special area on the web-service and tracks the transport movement online on the map
After unloading the driver deactivates the code and it can no longer be traced

What is necessary for a start?

Registered personal account on our web-service
Android-based mobile phone with the fleet tracking application installed for a driver
Online connection to the Internet on the driver’s mobile (the cheapest tariff is ok)
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